What Makes Me Want to Read a Book?

What Makes Me Want to Read a Book?

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There are a lot of different factors that go into choosing a book to read. How much each of these factors matters differs for each reader, so I thought I would share what is important to me in choosing a book!

65% Synopsis

I’m not going to read a book if I don’t think I will like the story. Because of this, the synopsis really matters to me. If it is something I am not interested in, or includes something I know I won’t enjoy, I just don’t add it to my TBR! However, I have been trying to expand my horizons and have been reading books that are a little bit outside my comfort zone. Still, I have added many books to my TBR because I love the synopsis and think the book will be interesting!

20% Reviews

I often read reviews of books before I add them to my TBR. I don’t always pay super close attention to them, but if there are a bunch of bad reviews, I will decide not to read it, even if I like the synopsis. Also, if I am so-so about the synopsis, but the book got amazing reviews, I will probably pick it up!


10% Author

For a long time, I paid no real attention to the authors of books. I could never really name a favorite author because I read so widely. However, recently I have began to take an author into consideration, and if the author of a book I loved writes a new novel, it will go onto my TBR! (As long as it has a good synopsis and reviews :)) For example, I adored The Loose Ends List by Carrie Firestone, and I can’t wait to read her next book The Unlikelies!

5% Cover

I know, I know, don’t judge a book by its cover. But I occasionally do! I don’t put a lot of stock into the cover of a book, because I have read many fabulous books with ugly covers. However, sometimes a cover will just jump out at me and make me desperate to read the book! (The last time this happened to me was with Spoiled. This book had an amazing cover but the actual story was really disappointing so this doesn’t always work out for me!)

So, there is what is important to me in a book! What about you? Do you agree with my percentages?

Love, Darby

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8 thoughts on “What Makes Me Want to Read a Book?

  1. Deanna says:

    I so agree with the synopsis being the most important to me. I have not added books that every loves because it just doesn’t interest me. Awesome discussion!

  2. Marie Andrews says:

    Wow I never really thought how I choose to read books before! The synopsis definitely plays a huge part for me but I also take note of the average rating on Goodreads – often that’s a good indicator for me on what to read! Marie x

  3. Rasya says:

    Synopsis and the cover play a huge part for me to pick a book to read Lol. I judge a book by its cover. #sorrynotsorry

    And I tried to not read the reviews first before reading because it made felt that no book is worth reading. #thedownsideofGoodreads

    • Darby @ Books and Bling Blog says:

      I think a lot of people judge books by their covers- me included! When I read reviews of books, I normally try to read one high-star one and one low-star one so I get a clearer picture of the book, and because, I agree, the negativity on Goodreads is super overwhelming!

  4. Jamie says:

    Nice list, and I like how you broke it down into percentages! I agree that the synopsis is the most important factor, though I think author would probably rank second highest to me over reviews. If I find a book that I love by an author I get excited and try to pick up every book I can by that author. On the other hand, if I found that I really didn’t like a particular book, even if a synopsis sounds interesting I’ll be less inclined to pick the book up.
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