Pros and Cons of Mood Reading

Pros and Cons of Mood Reading

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I am a mood reader. 100%. Before I started blogging, I didn’t know what mood reading was, but once I joined the community and started hearing the term used a lot, I realized that I was definitely a mood reader!

Mood reading is a bit hard to define, but it is basically that your mood dictates the books you read. If you feel like reading a book, you read it. If you don’t, you don’t. That is all!

So, I’m a mood reader. I have learned that there are some good things about this and some bad. I thought I should write them all down, so let’s get into this!

Pros of Mood Reading

  • I enjoy the books I read more. Since I only choose to read a book if I feel like it, there is more of I chance I will like the book! I think a part of whether or not I like a book is if the timing of when I read it. There are just times in your life when I need a certain book, and if I read it at a different time, it would be different for me. Mood reading means more books are read at the right time- because I choose when I read them based on what I feel!
  • I DNF (did not finish) books less. I mean, this goes with the enjoying books more. But DNFing is really annoying! I don’t love the feeling of not being able to finish a book. Also, it is time spent doing something unenjoyable. DNFed books also don’t count towards your Goodreads, very bad! I DNF books less because of mood reading because I choose books when I feel like reading them, so I don’t have to stop because the book isn’t right for me at the time!
  • I read widely. Because I just pick up books and read them whenever I feel, I am more likely to pick up something new! If I had a set list of books to read, the majority of them would probably be similar to each other. But when I choose randomly based on my mood, if I am feeling like reading a non-fiction, I read one! If I feel like reading a fantasy, I read one! And so on.

Cons of Mood Reading

  • It’s hard to read books that I am assigned. This has been a challenge for me in school, because some of the books I have to read for class are interesting, good books, but I wasn’t in the mood to read them right then, so I didn’t really enjoy them at all. I also know that as I start reading ARCs and books for review this may be a bit of a struggle for me, because I have to read them at a certain time.
  • I can’t set a monthly TBR. For the first couple months of my blog, I made a TBR for each month, and set which books I would read. That never worked out for me! I don’t think I read any of the books on that list, because I just didn’t feel like it!
  • My TBR list will never end. This is because I keep not being in the mood to read things on my TBR, but being pulled to a random book that wasn’t on the list! I often enjoy this book, and am glad I read it even though it wasn’t on my TBR, but my Goodreads to-read shelf will always overwhelm me!

So, there it is! The pros and cons of being a mood reader! Are you a mood reader? Do you like it, or not?

Love, Darby

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4 thoughts on “Pros and Cons of Mood Reading

  1. Darque Dreamer says:

    I think mood reading is awesome. I do it a lot because I don’t like feeling forced to do something. I would rather read something I am in the mood for versus just reading it because everyone else is.

  2. Em says:

    I am a total mood reader too!! When I am into a book, I can get through it in a few hours. But when somebody tells me to read a book that I’m just not feeling… it’s the worst kind of torture.

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