Mini Reviews!

Little Mini Book Reviews!

So, I know, I said I was coming back. But I've just been so busy, and it has been so hard. However, I am always keeping my goal of reigniting this blog in the back of my head, so here I am, trying again! Since I've been gone for so long, I have read lots [...]

In Search of Us

In Search Of Us {Book Review}

» Written by Ava Dellaira » 416 pages » Published by Farrar, Straus and Giroux on March 6th, 2018   Synopsis from Goodreads The author of the beloved Love Letters to the Dead returns with a parallel story of a mother and daughter each at age seventeen. Marilyn's tale recounts the summer she fell in love and [...]

I’m Back!

Hello, book blogging world! I'm back, and ready to bring this blog back to life! I'm sorry I disappeared so quickly- I always hated when bloggers just stopped and left their blogs with no explanation, and I can't believe I did that myself! I am not really even sure what happened. I was out of [...]

The Reading Quest

Hi! So I'm out of town right now, which is why I've been so inactive! However, I was scrolling through Twitter for a second and I found The Reading Quest, a really cool readathon! I have never done a readathon before, and this seemed like the perfect one to start with. However, I have to [...]

5 Books That Should Be Made Into Movies

Like most bibliophiles, I have a love-hate relationships with book to movie adaptations. Sometimes they just add to the greatness of the book, but sometimes they butcher it! I think that there are a few books that would make amazing movies- if done right. I will just make this list, and hope that they would [...]

Pros and Cons of Mood Reading

Pros and Cons of Mood Reading

I am a mood reader. 100%. Before I started blogging, I didn't know what mood reading was, but once I joined the community and started hearing the term used a lot, I realized that I was definitely a mood reader! Mood reading is a bit hard to define, but it is basically that your mood [...]

10 Underrated Books I Love

10 Underrated Books I Love

I decided I would start doing Top Ten Tuesdays, which is a meme I have seen around the book blogosphere a ton. However, Top Ten Tuesday is on a break until August 15th. There is a list of old topics though, so I chose one of those to do today instead! Also, I know it's [...]

Monthly Recap {July 2017}

July has been a really great month for me, life-wise, but not as fabulous of a month reading-wise. However, I did read a few great books, so let's get into it! What I Read What I Posted E-Books vs. Physical Books Unwind- Book Review 4 Books That Made Me Cry With Malice- Book Review What [...]